0018 Crane and Temari Ball

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Distilled into the most basic of the art’s techniques, this “Crane with Temari Ball” was designed to be more appealing and less intimidating for beginners of Japanese embroidery. We wish to welcome new stitchers, and “praise” their new journey entering the path of Japanese embroidery. Basic techniques, such as Weft, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, and Separated layers will be taught. Also, several novel effects, such as Knots technique, will be covered to add expressions. The participant has an option to proceed to intermediate level stitching on other areas of the same design if he/she has finished early and wishes to take on a further challenge.

The essence of Nuido, the way of embroidery, will be explained during the class via Power Point Presentation. Some stitching movies will be shown for better understandings.

*The word Nuido is made up of two parts; Nui, or embroidery (also shishu), and Do, the way of Nui, refers to the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge. Do refers to the development, and constant discovery, of the spiritual components of the art of Nuido. Nuido has three aspects: the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge (rationality), the development of artistic sensitivity and awareness (sensitivity), and understanding of the spiritual aspects of shishu (spirituality), resulting in a state of peace, calm, and harmony.