In Japan it’s traditional to give a person a bouquet of flowers when he or she begins a major new venture. This bouquet is given to the new student to begin their training in Japanese Embroidery. It is a gift from the Heart of Japan.

This design is composed with primary colors, red for the dianthus, blue for the iris and yellow for the valerian. To these fundamental colors, the feminine color of purple was added along with green. Dark brown was used to add depth to the design, while white offers a sense of spaciousness. Gold provides a touch of luxury.

Design dimensions: L10″ x W12″
Recommended fabric: Habutae – White – With Color
Recommended fabric length: 15″
Included: Design paper, Color picture, Protective paper, Box chart, Lacing thread. Mouting fabric (already sewed)
Not included: Thread set, etc.

The design image you are viewing is stitched on fabric with color.
If you are choosing fabric NOT with color, we recommend to do the follwings:

  • Select “0105 Bouquet from Heart of Japan (Habutae-CL 15″w/sewing)” and “Thread Set for 0105 Bouquet from Heart of Japan” from drop down menu.

Please note that design and fabric may change without any notification.

For more information (fabric info, color picture, box chart, wishlist item availability), please click “Additional Info” tab.