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0322 Winning Wheel (Available from 2022 Teachers Class)

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“Fabric name” (e.g. Uchikake- gold, Monmuji – white) means there will outline only
“Fabric name – With color” means there will be colors inside of the motifs
“Fabric name – Dyed” means there will be background dye. *You are required to select the Fabric color
“Fabric name – Dyed – With color” means it will have both background dye and colors inside of the motifs. *You are required to select the Fabric color

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Monmuji - White - With Color 1 inch

Monmuji - White - With Color

Uchikake - Gold - With Color 1 inch

1 quantity = 1 inch

Choose the design (0322) from below

Design placement - Please specify if any

Gold Leaf (+15 business days)

Gold Leaf (Additional 15 days)

Red #102

Red #107

Orange #206

Brown Green #426

Bright Blue #521


Red Purple #636

Wood Rose #693

Achromatic (White) #801

Achromatic (Black) #809

Golden Cream #903

Imitation Gold - #1

Imitation Silver - #1

Imitation Gold - #3


Imitation Silver - #3

Imitation Gold - #0.8

Imitation Silver - #0.8

Twisted Gold - #1

Twisted Silver - #1

This metallic threads come in sizes from #1 to #4. 50-meter skeins

Orange TC#114 Couching Thread

Silver Couching Thread


White Couching Thread


Padding Cotton-Thin

Mounting Fabric (pair)

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The new Phase III “Winning Wheel” released in 2022 Teacher class will be based on the traditional Japanese design and color scheme. The color scheming and symbolism will be shared during the course. The actual two-color dye can be seen in the new Traditional Color Samples for Dyeing Fabric. You will also have an optional gold leaf.

The Hammered Water Wheel

The hammered wheel as a family crest is a pattern of a wooden hammer attached to a wheel. It means “to strike,” or “to win” and is often used in the crests of samurai families. It is said to have become a family crest because of its auspiciousness, such as to bring fortune just like swinging a magic mallet. It is said to appear in a crest book of the Edo period. Also, it is a symbol of good fortune since it is a possession of Daikokuten.
This Auspicious motif is widely used for kimono designs in the Edo period.

Design for stitching

A listed color scheme thread set is suggested for recommended fabric type and is subject to change at any time.
Please note that the design and fabric may change without any notification.

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Choose the design (0322) from below

Design for 0322

Plum pink, Bamboo green, Kyoto purple


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