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Items already included are Design paper, Protective paper, Lacing thread.

Design for stitching
This is collaborated project at 2016 Design Class and motifs are inspired and stitched by Tonie Evans 

Tagasode “Whose Sleeves?,” The idea behind this unusual choice of subject lies in an ancient classical poem that describes how a person’s fragrance and belongings — the lingering scent from an incense burner and the designs on kimono — can be evocative of their owner’s personality. There are many embroidered byōbu folding screens created by Iwao Saito and Shuji Tamura which portray a tradition of kimono being used as decorative items in a room. Since a stitcher is in the intermediate level, we would like to recommend this traditional yet creative project.

The viewer is invited to speculate over who owns these gorgeous robes. Tagasode omits human figures and represent only the robes, personal accessories, and furniture of the owners. Teachers and your students are invited to create kimono design from several choices of color dye, real tie dye applique fabrics, gold leaf etc.

Listed color scheme thread set is suggested for recommended fabric type.
Please note that design and fabric may change without any notification.