Design for stitching.

This is a phase 8 fuzzy effect technique theme for 2018 Teachers Class.
The new design is inspired by a black, formal kimono, named “Spring of Kemari”, which was created a long time ago by Master Iwao Saito. Kemari is a ball game that was popular in Japan during the Heian Period. The ball or footbag is considered an elegant motif, which is used for kimono and obi. You might find it is interesting to see kemari among other formal motifs such as cypress fans, drums, noble carts, phoenix, cranes, etc. We will reveal the history behind the kemari this fall.
Fuzzy effect is applied on many varieties of designs, and we would like to explain its character, the basic techniques, as well as its creative aspects. We will also display kimono and obi examples that were stitched in the past.

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