If you choose Shioze – Dyed – With Color, the river will be colored. You also have an option to apply gold leaf for clouds

Design for stitching.

Design dimensions: 1501 L19″ x W13″, 1502 L22″ x W13″, 1503 L7″ x W 13″, 1504 L13″ x W13″
Recommended fabric: Shioze – Dyed
Recommended fabric length: 36″ x 4 pieces
Included: Design paper, Color picture, Protective paper, Box chart, Lacing thread.
Not included: Mouting fabric, Thread set, etc.

Listed color scheme thread set is suggested for recommended fabric type.
Please note that design and fabric may change without any notification.
For more information (fabric info, color picture, box chart, wishlist item availability), please click “Additional Info” tab.