2016 Pilot Class (July 20 – 23)


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Teachers Class 2016 Preview

Introducing New Phase 5 and 6 Combine – Tagasode

We cordially welcome for those who have previously taken Phase X to Teachers Class!
The new phase added to our curriculum is the combined Phase 5 & 6 which we will be focusing on Braided cord techniques and Holding techniques.

For this year’s theme, Tagasode “Whose Sleeves?,” The idea behind this unusual choice of subject lies in an ancient classical poem that describes how a person’s fragrance and belongings — the lingering scent from an incense burner and the designs on kimono — can be evocative of their owner’s personality. There are many embroidered byōbu folding screens created by Iwao Saito and Shuji Tamura which portray a tradition of kimono being used as decorative items in a room. Since a stitcher is in the intermediate level, we would like to recommend this traditional yet creative project.

The viewer is invited to speculate over who owns these gorgeous robes. Tagasode omits human figures and represent only the robes, personal accessories, and furniture of the owners. Teachers and your students are invited to create original kimono design from several choices of color dye, real tie dye applique fabrics, gold leaf  etc. Silk color schemes for different color dye etc are also be discussed in the class.

Detail of the fabric will be announced later.

  • Design dimensions:  : Approx. 14″ x 18″
  • Fabric Type: Uchikake
  • Fabric length: Approx. 20″ – 22″

Example of Applique fabrics (real tie dye): See thumbnails for the details  

Introducing Teaching Tips for Braided Cords and Holding Techniques and Essence of Tagasode

Each of us have different experiences teaching Japanese embroidery to our students. In the class, we will provide with teaching tips and share the essence of this theme:

  • The Essence and history of Tagasode (Whose Sleeve?)
  • The History and development of Braided cord techniques and Holding techniques during the course of several hundred years.
  • Tips such as how to determine the stitch angle of braided cords, distance and angle of short stitch holding etc will be introduced.
  • We also welcome any questions/topics from the participants for discussion and demonstration, so that we may address your problems by the time you leave the class! Please submit from here.

Stitching piece options

Here are the options of embroidery pieces you may select for the class:

Option 1: Phase 5 & 6 Tagasode

You can choose from designs listed above.

Option 2: Fractal Project

You may start new pieces or bring your pieces in progress.

Option 3: A project from previous 3 years

You may bring previous Teachers Class theme.

In order for the teachers to concentrate on teaching in the class, any other pieces are not permitted in the class. We appreciate your understanding.

We look forward to having teachers and advanced stitchers from all over the world!

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Pilot Class 2016

Atlanta USA at JEC- July 20-23 2016 (4-day class)

JEC cordially welcome you to join the Pilot Class for EGA National Seminar 2016 at Japanese Embroidery Center in Dunwoody, Georgia during July 20 – 23.
Distilled into the most basic of the art’s techniques, this “Plum in Praise” was designed to be more appealing and less intimidating for beginners of Japanese embroidery.

We wish to welcome the new stitchers, and “praise” their new journey for entering the path of Japanese embroidery. Basic techniques such as Weft, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Separated layers will be taught. Also, several novel effects such as Knots technique will be covered to enjoy adding expressions. A participant has an option to proceed to intermediate level stitching on other areas of same design if he/she has finished early and wish to take on a further challenge. Also, the essence of Nuido*, the way of embroidery, will be explained during the class by Powerpoint presentation. Some stitching movies will be shown for better understandings.

Design: “Plum in Praise” 

Tution: Free (still need to register from this page)

Tools: Rental available


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