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Online and In-person 2022 Teachers Class October 17 – 20, 2022 (With optional stitching day on Oct 21)


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2022 Teachers Class (October 17 – 20, 2022) will be a hybrid class of both online and In-person

Last year, we had about 50 teachers and advanced stitchers participated in the class online. We enjoyed focusing on the history, symbolism, color schemes, color dye, and gold leaf, as well as how Japanese embroidery has evolved to its current form. It is as much important to know about the background of Japanese embroidery as to study the techniques.
We are also incorporating the content of Kurenai-Kai’s two-year teacher’s program with the intention of matching the global standards.
For this year’s teachers class, along with the knowledge that we accumulated, we would like to offer an opportunity to discuss the topics such as:

  • Introducing the new phase III “Winning wheel“ and this curriculum will cover the required techniques for this level. This Tagasode design with a decorated hammer water wheel will have an option of two color-dye inside of kimono and gold leaf.
  • Utilize the traditional colors and explain Master Iwao Saito’s color scheming concept and discuss how we can approach his standard.
  • History of Japanese Embroidery
  • Color Scheme
  • Detail technical explanation on how to teach certain techniques that can’t find in the textbook
  • How to maintain health/right posture while stitching
  • How we can maximize the potential of students and improve the operation both online and in-person
  • Exchange ideas and tips from experienced teachers as well

*If you participate in the 4-day class live, you will be waivered from completing the assignments – Watch the recorded video, upload photos, take the quiz, etc. The deadline will be until Dec 31.

Option 1: Winning Wheel
This year’s Teachers Class will focus on the new Phase III “Winning Wheel” based on the traditional Japanese design and color scheme.
The hammered wheel as a family crest is a pattern of a wooden hammer attached to a wheel. It means “to strike,” or “to win” and is often used in the crests of samurai families. It is said to have become a family crest because of its auspiciousness, such as to bring fortune just like swinging a magic mallet. It is said to appear in a crest book of the Edo period. Also, it is a symbol of good fortune since it is a possession of Daikokuten.
This Auspicious motif is widely used for kimono designs in the Edo period.

Option 2: Your own projects (any JEC designs including fractal projects)
You may start new pieces or bring your pieces in progress. If you will be able to share and upload/send your design prior to the class, we can explain the symbolism and the history behind it.

During the class, we will introduce the next Advanced Class design, which will be part of the Teacher’s Class program in order to explain the history, color scheme, and color dye as well as deepen the understanding and skill provided by Teachers Class.
The images shown for this registration will be used during the Teachers’ Class. We look forward to explaining their history and techniques.

Refund and Cancellation Policy for Class Tuition

A tuition refund minus a 25% processing fee will be given for cancellations only if the cancellation of a class is made 5 business days before the first day of the class. Japanese Embroidery Center reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment. A full refund (excluding any membership fees) will be provided in the event of a class that is canceled by the Japanese Embroidery Center.


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