2024 Advanced Class Registration (March 11 – 15)


Please try to submit a registration order separate from the fabric order for the prompt sign-up to our system.

Prerequisite: All phase X graduate stitchers and advanced stitchers.
You are also welcome to bring your ongoing and fractal projects. We are open to questions during stitching time or after class.

Online course means you can participate remotely from your home with an internet connection! We will use visual online tools, LMS, etc. to maximize your understanding of this exciting project.
If you register, you will be going to receive;
– Live lecture
– Technical videos
– There will be stitching and live questionnaire time.

Please make this registration order separate so you will be signed up for the LMS immediately


Advanced Class Hybrid of Online and Onsite Learning

We are pleased to present our new designs, “C24-05 Summer Pioneers” and “C24-07 Winter Guardians,” which are part of a series inspired by the Venerable Cherry Tree and Venerable Maple Tree designs from the previous year. Each design comprises two pieces of uchikake or monmuji fabric. However, you have the option to choose either the right or left fabric, allowing for individual display. In this collection, we will be focusing on various skills covered in our past advanced classes, featuring artists such as Ito Jakuchu and Sakai Hoitsu.

Date: March 11 – 15, 2024
Time: 10 am – 15:30 pm EST
Requirement: Phase X and above level stitchers

Upon registration, you will receive:

  • Live lecture with real-time video instruction
  • Live questionnaire time during the stitching session
  • Recorded lecture with video instruction after the session

Option 1: This year’s theme

Option 2: Your own projects (any JEC designs including fractal projects)
You may start new pieces or bring your pieces in progress. If you will be able to share and upload/send your design prior to the class, we can explain the symbolism and the history behind it.

1st Step – Registration: Please register for the class to secure your seat. If possible, kindly place the registration order separately for a faster process.

2nd step – You can order this year’s theme or bring your own project.


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