Have you ever wished to decorate your Japanese embroidery designs in traditional and authentic way? If so, we have a great option for you.

We are introducing Japanese byobu screen which is designed to put your own embroidery. Byobu is Japanese folding screen made from several joined panels, bearing decorative painting and calligraphy, used to separate interiors and enclose private spaces, among other uses. This item is made by the artisans in Japan which JEC and Kurenai-kai, Japan have been collaborating for several decades. Most of the screen panels that you see in the JEC and kurenai-kai books are made by them. Wishing to deliver the true Japanese craft, we would like to proudly introduce this to you!

  • Dimension of byobu: 80 cm (L) X 57 cm (W) (left panel) and 80 cm (L) x 38 cm (W) (right panel).
  • Visible dimension of Mat: 49.7 cm (L) X 37 cm (W)
  • Acutal size of board with fabric (wooden board included):  50.7 cm(L) X 38 cm (W) (thickness is about 0.5 cm)

The embroidery can be easily replaced from behind the screen (minus driver required).

You have two colour choices for the frame:

  • Black
  • Azuki (dark reddish brown)

Since it will be tailor made by artisans, please note that it will take three months to produce.