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Items already included are Design paper, Protective paper, Lacing thread.

Design for stitching

For those who live within a bustles of big cities, strolling in the bamboo forest will give you a completely different moment as “Heart like the Wind”. The time and place is filled with existence of nature that derives opportunities for deepening one’s life in place like Houkoku temple located at Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture. We realize the scent of dirt which we have forgotten, walk under the sunlight filtering through leaves, and sometimes meditate under the grove of bamboos… As you become more conscious about it, spending time within the light and wind of bamboo forest will certainly brings something that is precious. It is invigorating like the wind which awaken within myself and others earnest wishes that go beyond self-will.

Listed color scheme thread set is suggested for recommended fabric type.
Please note that design and fabric may change without any notification.