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C22-02 Lions with Peonies (Available from 2022 Advanced Class)

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Uchikake - Gold 1 inch

1 quantity = 1 inch

Uchikake - Gold - With Color 1 inch

1 quantity = 1 inch

Uchikake - Gold - Dyed - With Color 1 inch

Monmuji - White 1 inch

Monmuji - White

Monmuji - White - With Color 1 inch

Monmuji - White - With Color

Monmuji - Dyed - With Color 1 inch

Monmuji - Dyed - With Color

TC #636 (Red purple) - Kyo Murasaki

Fabric color (if chose dyed)

TC #107 (Red) - Kurenai

Fabric color (if chose dyed)

TC# 524 (Bright Blue) - Hanada

Fabric color (if chose dyed)

Design placement - Please specify if any

Achromatic (White) #801

Orange #204

Pink #125

Cranberry #676

Red #106

Seafoam #446


Violet #605

Yellow #304

Achromatic (Black) #809

Wood Rose #706



Kodaikin 464 Rich Brown Gold - #4

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Imitation Gold - #5

Imitation Silver - #5

Orange TC#114 Couching Thread

Gold Couching Thread

Silver Couching Thread

Padding Cotton-Thin

Mounting Fabric (pair)

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The design for the 2022 Advanced Class has been introduced during the last autumn teacher’s class and will be focused on the volume stitches using padding based on the traditional Japanese Uchikake design that is created during the Edo period. The color scheming session in accordance with Japanese traditional colors will be discussed during the course and seek for what would be the successful selection for the different fabric colors etc. The fabric color on the original picture is Kyo Murasaki (Kyoto purple), but you can select from two other colors, Kurenai red and Hanada blue from the new Traditional Color Samples for Dyeing Fabric such as Kurenai red, and Hanada blue. You will have an optional gold leaf session if you order a gold leaf kit to enhance the overall expression.

The Lions with Peonies

The lion is called the “King of a Hundred Beasts” and the peony is called the “ Queen of a Hundred Flowers”, which is a good combination and a symbol of fortitude against evil.

Even the invincible lion has only one thing to fear, and that is a worm inside the lion’s body.

The worm is a parasite that grows inside the hair of the lion’s body and eventually tears through the skin and bites into the flesh.

However, this pest dies when it is exposed to the night dew dripping from the peony flowers. So the lion rests under the peony flowers at night.

The lion’s resting place is under the peony flower.

The lion and the peony have been depicted together since ancient times, with the following message

What is your refuge? Where is safe haven where you can rest in peace?

The golden bridge signifies an aiding path that will take us to the final destination.

Design for stitching

A listed color scheme thread set is suggested for recommended fabric type.
Please note that the design and fabric may change without any notification.

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Additional information

Design Dimensions

L18" x W14"

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