The traditional beauty of Japanese embroidery was on display at the third Nuido™ World Exhibition in Cambridge, UK (November 7-18, 2007). Students, professionals, teachers, and admirers from around the world gathered to celebrate the beauty and unifying spirit of Japanese embroidery. Over sixty of the exhibited embroideries appear on this CD-ROM, for sale exclusively from the Japanese Embroidery Center (JEC) and Kurenai-Kai.

Special features of the CD include Fan Screen Fusion between East and West, inspired by one of Kurenai-kai’s most beautiful masterpiece designs, and stitched especially for WE2007 by UK members. Also featured are Sakai Hoitsu’s impressive Flowers and Birds of the Four Seasons rendered in silk, and thirty-nine konbuin-no-fukusa reproduced from Japan’s historic Cultural Property, and created for the exhibition by Japanese students of Kurenai-Kai. Dozens more obi, kimono, and interior designs are commemorated here in crisp PDF graphics. (Adobe Reader software is required to view the files. Free download is available at

It is our fond wish that WE2007 participants will prize this CD as a treasured memoir of their experience, while those encountering it for the first time find revelation in the subtle beauty of Japanese embroidery.

PDF For Windows and Mac

2007 Nuido World Exhibition Video