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eBook – 2003 Nuido World Exhibition New York Catalog


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2003 Nuido World Exhibition, held in Rye, New York was a showcase of some of the finest Japanese embroidery ever collected in one place. The W.E. 2003 CD-ROM makes it possible for you to experience the splendor of the almost 100 exquisite embroidery pieces featured at the exhibition via your computer screen. Formatted in PDF, the pieces are beautifully rendered in high-quality, full-color stills, with text descriptions in both English and Japanese. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader software is included on the disc.

It is our fond wish that WE2007 participants will prize this eBook as a treasured memoir of their experience, while those encountering it for the first time find revelation in the subtle beauty of Japanese embroidery.

Full color, 95 pages PDF

2003 Nuido World Exhibition Video



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