Complete Japanese embroidery textbook with various techniques and hints. Main features are as follows:

  • Contains 111 pages in full color. Official textbook used in JEC classes worldwide based on the concept of Nuido, the way of embroidery.
  • Introduction on Nuido and its prospect.
  • A design source book for Japanese embroidery which contains definitive techniques reviewed by certified professionals.
  • Includes hints on different fabrics and threads plus framing up instructions
  • Full color with over 80 photographs and 40 stitch techniques
  • Stitch techniques include layering, holding, creating geometric effects, couching, padding, knots, braided cords, and realistic effects.
  • Combined outstanding features of past textbooks with updated diagrams and texts.

This book contains both features of “The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery” and “Japanese Embroidery Through the Millennium” (English & French) The structure is based on “The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery” and diagrams are mainly from “Japanese Embroidery Through the Millennium.” In nutshell, we are trying to incorporate the good features of past textbooks. The book will have color images for each techniques (mainly phases) and selected designs. We are revising the texts and layout from the perspective of international instructors and workshop standpoint. Most importantly, provide right techniques and transmit Nuido, the way of embroidery, to the new students around the globe and to the next generation.