We cordially welcome all level participants to the 2023 Summer workshop on August 14 – 16, 2023!

The Hidamari (sunny spot) will have a choice of camellia and cluster amaryllis.
Gold leaf is optional (applied by JEC). You can replace it with stitching techniques or leave it without.

In Japanese culture, “Hidamari” or sunny spot holds a special meaning. Here is the translation of the explanation I provided earlier:

In Japanese culture, “Hidamari” refers to a special place filled with warmth and tranquility, created when sunlight streams into buildings or natural surroundings. Japanese people find such places particularly comfortable and soothing. The shape and location of Hidamari change with the seasons and weather, often associated with the beauty of Japan’s four seasons.

Hidamari represents a momentary respite, often utilized in traditional Japanese architecture and gardens. People can relax and take a brief rest within a Hidamari. Sitting in a Hidamari, one can read a book, enjoy a cup of tea, or engage in conversation with friends—a cherished moment of calming the mind.

Hidamari also symbolizes harmony with nature. Traditional Japanese architecture and gardens are designed to maximize the capture of natural light. Spending time in a Hidamari deepens the relationship between nature and people.

Moreover, Hidamari symbolizes peace and hope due to its warmth and brightness. Particularly after World War II, Hidamari carried a symbolic meaning of healing and regeneration from the scars of war.

Hidamari is a deeply rooted concept in Japanese culture and aesthetics, offering people a sense of tranquility and healing.

We recommend submitting your order by July 10th, 2023 to ensure the delivery of your kit during the class. However, as long as you plan to stitch this design in the future, you can still take the class as the recorded lecture will be accessible even after the class.

You have three color scheme choices


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