Certificates for completed phase pieces

Certificates to be presented by the teacher to each student upon the completion of a Phase piece can now be downloaded for free (by teachers only). This is for the encouragement of students and is not mandatory at this moment.

  1. Login at (This process needs to be done first)
  2. Go to
  3. Check out the item. No payment is required.
  4. Click on the PDF link in the email you received.
  5. We recommend printing in colors to prevent duplication. Printing with beige thick (A4 or Letter size) paper is preferable.
  6. Please indicate the stitcher’s name, dates of class attended, date of completion, and instructor’s sign.

Again, this is only available for the teacher’s account. If you have any issues, please contact

We kindly ask all teachers to make sure the stitcher understood all techniques introduced in the phase before you give out this certificate. Upon receipt of the certificate each student to maintain their own portfolio of completed pieces with photos attached for each completed piece to be used to qualify for Phase X. Note that this is the option for the teachers. The former paperwork for Phase X will remain in place.