New Traditional Color Samples for Dyeing Fabric

The handicrafts of weaving, dyeing, and needle-making co-exist as communities in Japan. These communities are disappearing as the market shrinks and fewer young people wish to learn and pass on the traditions.

We need to support the survival of Tradition & Community, but at the same time, we must take on the challenge to create and use new methods and products for the evolution and the growth of traditional embroidery.

We have made dyed silk fabric samples for background fabric. The samples of the background colors have been created for Japanese embroidery by JEC, using traditional colors.

Selected fabrics dyed for the Background Silk Fabric Samples for Japanese Embroidery:

  • Available fabrics dyed in sample background choices are listed using our new traditional color name for the samples.
  • Fabric colors are not exactly the same when we dye different fabrics with the same color. (Kimono, monmuji, nishijin, white kimono w/gold, Uchikake w/gold, and nishijin gold & silver will each produce different results with the same dye color.)
  • Maximum length of the dyed area is 18 inches (about 45cm) and width is 16 inches (about 40cm)
  • Please allow 20 business days for an extra week for dyeing the fabric with new color.
  • Pricing is same as “Dyed Fabric.

About Purchase of this fabric sample:

Background fabric samples can be printed on white Monmuji fabric to represent colors more realistically than on paper if you would like to purchase this sample.

Fabric color sample on white Monmuji fabric (L18”xW16”) and subject to both member and teacher discount.

*Please note that this item is fabric only and please apply any reinforcement on your own such as thick paper, lamination, etc.